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I mostly draw anime styled but I'm hoping to get better at real people and landscapes.

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Here is my water princess, and my other self. Juvia is my girl soulmate.

(ignore her arms&hands, anatomy and I aren’t good friends)

Not really because I always draw him.

So digitalised the drawing of Jared. What do you prefer? Blond or Black?
Regardless, he starts of having black and eventually bleaches it.

This is obviously unfinished.


"You will fucking do your arts.  I will sit on you and stare at you, and you will do your arts." — Responsibility Owl.  

me: *plots out entire novel, mentally writes 500 pages of dialogue, and deeply develops primary and secondary characters whilst driving*
me: *opens microsoft word* wait, what?


End result!!!~


when u tell ur friend a plot twist for ur story



I can’t anatomy.

Kinda surprised this got so many notes. Jared says thank you anyway haha



Someone requested a hand tutorial, so I rambled. I didn’t even get to everything I would like to, so here is a part!

Thanks.  I’ve been consciously trying to get better at hands for ten years, and I still suck, so I’m always grateful for new tutorials.  Someday, one diagram, one line is gonna click it for me.  This one’s great.


Kancolle x Touhou - ( Process Video ) by Daikazoku63
My new artwork , Hope you will like it , :D